Puffy Paint Recipe on Canvas Art

3 Ingredient Puffy Paint Recipe and Canvas Art-4

I’m sharing my favorite puffy paint recipe which only needs three ingredients! We painted it on a canvas, and it turned out so gorgeous. This recipe is so easy! We absolutely loved the process of making ours and then touching it after it dried.  Make sure to follow my important tip below to make it […]

Take Incredible Photos of Children {Time Sensitive}


As a teacher, parent, and blogger, there is one tool that I have come to cherish: my DSLR camera! I’ve been able to capture incredible smiles, my children’s first steps, and amazing moments through my in home preschool.  It’s SO important to savor it all… to relish those moments. But you know what’s equally important, […]

Farewell, My In Home Preschool

Preschool Classroom Tour Blog Hop-8

It has come time for me to close down my in home preschool. I know — it’s kind of a shock. I’ve poured my heart and soul into my program for the past four years. This decision was super hard, and I spent several months going back and forth over what I should do. In […]

6 Hands On Alphabet Activities

6 Hands On Alphabet Activities by Preschool Inspirations

Disclosure: Discount School Supply sent us these items to review. All opinions are my own. While working at a preschool center and owning my own preschool program in my home, Discount has been one of my preferred sources for purchasing educational supplies because of their affordable prices and innovative products. When Discount School Supply contacted […]

5 Ways to Help a Child Who Isn’t Potty Trained

5 Ways to Help a Child Who is Not Potty Trained

One of my favorite conversations to have with parents is when their child is not potty trained. I see their panic wash away and the relief that comes after I reassure them that potty training will come. Potty training can be so daunting, and I wish I had known so much more about it when […]

The Child Who Wants to Play in Dress-Up All Day

The Child Who Wants to Play In Dramatic Play All Day-4

Endless tea parties, baking marathons, and costumes galore. Every year it happens. There is always (at least) one child in my class who wants to play in dramatic play all. day. long. This special area of creativity and role play might be referred to as dress-up, kitchen, pretend play, home living, or some variation of […]

Kitchen Sink Bubble Explosion

Bubble Explosion Blog Feature Med Res

Bubbles are sometimes my secret weapon while working with children. Today’s post is super exciting because it is a Bubble Explosion! I am super thrilled for this guest post by Sue from the wonderful blog, One Time Through. She also has one of the coolest discovery bottles ever, a hurricane in a jar! Hi! I’m […]

Glass Bead Alphabet

Glass Bead Moveable Alphabet-6

When I bring out the alphabet, I want it to say “come and understand me. Touch me, look at me, move me, and use me.” Glass beads have been a favorite at my preschool and with my own children this past year, and we could not get enough of them. I knew they would be […]

Name Splash Preschool Letter Recognition Game

Name Splash Letter Recognition

  Letter recognition games are some of our favorites, especially ones that lead to name recognition. Today’s exciting outdoor activity is being shared by Nicole of Modern Preschool. I am enjoying some time with brand new baby #3, so I am thrilled for her to guest post. You can follow Modern Preschool on the website, […]