Jingle Bells Discovery Bottle

Jingle Bells Magnetic Discovery Bottle with magnet wand by Preschool Inspirations

Let’s combine three of my favorite things! Christmas. Discovery bottles. And easy. Throw them together and you get a jingle bells discovery bottle. This discovery bottle is part of my winter and Christmas themed discovery bottle blog hop, and there are three fantastic other discovery bottles at the bottom of this post. You may have […]

Turkey Color and Number Match Montessori Activity

Turkey Color and Number Matching Montessori Inspired Activity with free printable  by Preschool Inspirations

Practice some of the most foundational math skills with this fun and inviting turkey color and number match Montessori inspired activity. I’ve included a free printable so that you can set this up in a breeze! What a perfect addition this would be to a math center for hands-on learning! It is designed for younger […]

Alphabet Bead Sand Tray Loose Parts Play

Alphabet Sand Tray Loose Pieces Play by Preschool Inspirations-8 - Copy

Do you have an item around that you just find irresistible? For me and my kids, it’s alphabet beads — and a sand tray. I decide to put the two together to make an alphabet bead sand tray loose parts play invitation. Two words describe this activity: pure bliss! I could just run my hands […]

Musical Shaker Discovery Bottle with Beads

Musical Shaker Discovery Bottle with Beads -- sensory play for all ages!

Now that I have another sweet baby in the house, it has been so fun making activities that my big kids and the baby all love. This musical shaker discovery bottle with beads has been a huge win for my kiddos. It makes a gentle sound when shaken, similar to a rainstick. The baby finds […]

Cute Ghost Sensory Smash

Cute Ghost Sensory Smash by Preschool Inspirations-5

Combine recycled eggs with shaving cream to make this fun cute ghost sensory smash game! The past few years around Halloween my girls have enjoyed throwing and Smoking Boo Bombs and watching them explode all over.  You can find all of the directions to making Smoking Boo Bombs on Growing a Jeweled Rose. This year I […]

Alphabet Sensory Bag

Alphabet Sensory Bag for tactile fun and learning by Preschool Inspirations

Isn’t this alphabet sensory bag so inviting!?! We have been enjoying squishing it and finding the alphabet letter jewels hidden in it. It’s the perfect blend of learning the alphabet and sensory exploration. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. This alphabet sensory bag works two-fold. It is a great and fun learning activity, […]

Books for Teaching Themes

Books for Teaching Themes

Some of my best preschool lesson plans have been made through themes. Whenever my classes have shown an interest in a particular topic, one of my first ways to organize for it is to find books about that topic. I’ve compiled books for teaching themes, and I’m including some of my all-time favorite educational books. […]

Ice Cube Melt Science Experiment

Asia Citro quote

Disclosure: I received a free copy of The Curious Kid’s Science Book in exchange for a review. In fact I begged this author to do a review for all of her books (including future ones) because I love her work that much! So you know the activities that you plan for children that you think will […]

Tips for Helping Picky Eaters

I am sharing my top tips for helping picky eaters! These are preschool teacher approved methods that can be useful for children who are picky, have texture sensitivities, or are reluctant to even try a new food. It can be quite rough to get a picky eater to eat. I’ve had children in my classes […]