How to Make a Color Mixing Sensory Bottle

How to Make Color Changing Sensory or Discovery Bottles tutorial by Preschool Inspirations

Ever since the first time I ever laid eyes on a color mixing sensory bottle, I was in love. But then I saw the price tag — eeeek! I decided to try and make my own at that point. I love a good science challenge, and now I can’t wait to show you how to […]

How to Make a Perfect Sensory Bottle

How to Make a Perfect Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations-3

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a slight sensory bottle addict. Since we’ve made so many around here, I wanted to share my best tips and tricks about how to make a perfect sensory bottle or discovery bottle. A perfect sensory bottle is what you want it to be, but sometimes that takes […]

Pre-Writing Alphabet Practice with Conversation Hearts

Pre-Writing Alphabet Practice with Conversation Hearts  by Preschool Inspirations-5

When it comes to writing, I begin by teaching children letter formation without a pencil or pen. Instead, we do themed activities just like this pre-writing alphabet practice with conversation hearts. Candy hearts are so fun to play with that I always make new games with them each year. And the great part about picking […]

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle Science by Preschool Inspirations

Whenever I need to whip up a quick activity, color mixing is one of my top picks! Color mixing activities are always exciting and a perfect learning opportunity. Today I have a color mixing sensory bottle with three easy ingredients! This color mixing sensory bottle is part of my Discovery Bottles Blog Hop, and this […]

Winter Books for Children

Secrets of Winter

There is always one area that I need improvement on: reading books to children! I always mean well, but sometimes our days get so busy and disappear in an instant. In my quest to be more intentional to reading to children, I made a book list of winter books for children. I’ve included some new […]

Star Wars Perler Bead Lightsabers

Perler Bead Lightabers from Star Wars by Preschool Inspirations

We are experiencing perler bead mania over here, and my kids are making everything in sight. One of the newest creations is Star Wars perler bead lightsabers. These are designed by my six-year-old and definitely a great perler bead activity for little hands. In fact, it is a perfect project for a beginner! I introduce […]

Should Children Share?

Should we make children share by Preschool Inspirations

I want so badly for my children to be thoughtful, giving people who think of others first. Kindness is what I try to impart to them day in and day out. But should children share? This is a typical scenario at our home. “Mawwwwwwm, he won’t share with meeeee!!!” Instantly, I feel the energy that […]

Christmas Tree Window Activity

Christmas Tree Window Activity  by Preschool Inspirations

Combine fine motor skills, process art, and the magic of the season with this Christmas tree window activity. My friend Trisha did this great activity, and I asked her to share! I started by drawing a large tree on our door window using a green Crayola Window Markers (ours were the crystal effect window markers […]

Colored Candy Canes Science Experiment

Colored Candy Cane Science Experiment by Preschool Inspirations-3

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is making easy science experiments. I pulled out these candy canes from my “old candy stash” to make a colored candy canes science experiment. Old candy is scientific treasure here. We get so excited when a holiday gives us a reason to discover, ask questions, and explore. […]