Nature-Inspired Rock Clock

Make a nature-inspired rock clock to teach children math skills and introduce children to telling time

Learning to tell time involves many complex skills. Every year I have children who are beginning to take interest in learning about time. The most common question I hear is “What time is lunch?” I fell in love with this idea to make a nature-inspired rock clock. What a perfect way to give children a […]

A Veteran Teacher’s Guide for Making a Preschool Schedule

A veteran teacher's guide for turning a schedule from good to great!

It only took me 10 years, but I finally found my dream schedule. Call it the preschooltopia of all schedules. I spent years adapting schedules that were good, but not great. BUT this was it! It was just as sweet as I had hoped it would be. Come take a peek inside my veteran teacher’s […]

5 Must-Haves for Making a Great Preschool Schedule

How to make a great preschool schedule. These are 5 of the important factors in planning a day with preschoolers or young children.

Creating a great schedule for children can mean the difference between months filled with chaos and a week that you want to repeat time and time again. I’m going to share with you 5 must-haves for making a great preschool schedule. There is so much information about making a preschool schedule that I want to […]

Desert Flower Discovery Bottle

Desert Flower Sensory Bottle-3

One of my favorite places to visit is Arizona. The palm trees, cactuses, yuccas, oleanders and other unique plants are all a sight I can’t wait to see. This last time I visited I decided to put a desert flower into a discovery bottle. I found a beautiful blooming yucca, and my kids and I […]

Using Lemons to Make Batteries

Power a colored LED light with lemons.

When life gives you lemons, make electricity. This is a fascinating science experiment using lemons to make batteries and power a colored LED light. It is also a great STEM activity. I am super excited about this post because it is by my husband, Mr. Preschool Inspirations. I totally married a science whiz, and I […]

Soap Foam Cupcake Station

Soap Foam Creation Station Sensory Play

We just discovered the ultimate sensory experience: a soap foam cupcake station! There was scooping, pouring, squeezing, pumping, pinching, balancing, squealing, spilling, and pretending galore. Soap foam bubbles have been our favorite sensory bin for years ever since we discovered it on Fun at Home With Kids, and I have been wanting to use these […]

5 Myths About Early Childhood Education

Five Myths About Early Childhood Education

Have you heard these 5 myths about early childhood education? I have! I’ve heard it from friends, from family members, and also from people buzzing around the internet. Some of them are completely shocking. These five myths have spread like wildfire, but I want to expose them for what they are: just rumors! This is […]

DIY Bean Bag Launcher

DIY Bean Bag Launcher from Preschool Inspirations

Bean bag activities are a favorite around here, and I am so excited to share this DIY bean bag launcher tutorial from my friend Trisha. She has some of the best ideas ever! Guest post by Trisha: Every year my DDs school holds a fundraiser with different auction items that each class helps put together. […]

Space Themed Number Writing Practice

Space Themed Number Writing Practice by Preschool Inspirations

Do you have little ones who are ready for some writing practice? I’ve come up with space themed number writing practice cards, and I’ll show you a great way to adapt it for pre-writing or writing practice. I have to put out a word of caution though! I used to teach children to write by […]