Crayon Alphabet

Crayon Alphabet - Preschool Inspirations-7

Make your own crayon alphabet! It’s great as a movable alphabet, for coloring, and hands-on fun and learning. We made this one very warm day while trying out this beautiful crayon process art activity from Happy Hooligans. I realized that it was definitely hot enough to melt crayons completely, and that’s when the experimenting began! We […]

Feels Like Beach Sand Sensory Play

Feels Like Beach Sand Sensory Play - Preschool Inspirations-2

Beach sand is one of the softest, most inviting textures I have ever laid hands and feet on. Unfortunately, it’s not anywhere close to me in Colorado. I do happen to know of a sensory play recipe that feels like beach sand that I learned about ages ago. It’s the next best thing if you […]

Preschool Name Writing Practice Ideas

Daily Name Practice by Preschool Inspirations

I remember a day in preschool several years back where there were crayon markings all over one of our block center shelves. As I tried to think of who would do “such a thing” (this was before I had my own kids and figured out that these things happen!), I quickly found my answer. Among […]

Magnetic Play Activities and Ideas

Magnetic Play Learning Activities - Preschool Inspirations-5

Magnets are incredible tools for learning. We have tons of magnets around here, and all of them promote different yet very important skills. Since we use and love magnets so often, I decided I would share our favorites. As I started going through our magnetic activities, I kept finding more and more and more! Apparently […]

Rust Resistant Magnetic Discovery Bottle

Rust Resistant Discovery Bottle - Preschool Inspirations-4

Magnetic Discovery bottles are a perfect science and sensory activity! The problem is that they rust when you add water. Thankfully, I have found a solution! Now you can make long lasting discovery bottles that don’t rust. Well, I will call them rust resistant…just in case. Here’s our new and improved rust resistant magnetic discovery […]

The Perfect First Calendar for the Home or Classroom

First Home or School Calendar - Preschool Inspirations-4

Calendar time can look so cute, so perfect, and so inviting for learning and… completely flop. Actually, that can happen with anything we present to children! In an effort to help children understand the days of the week and the months of the year in an age appropriate way, Jamie (from Play to Learn Preschool) […]

DIY Name Stamps

DIY Name Stamp - Preschool Inspirations-2

Name recognition is a staple to my preschool curriculum! If the children learn only one thing from me (but let’s hope it’s waaaay more), it is how to identify their names. For today’s back to school themed blog hop, I decided to try out this DIY Name Stamp. Sometimes the first week of school is […]

Potty Training: Is There a Magic Age?

Is There A Magic Potty Training Age by  Preschool Inspirations

I get this question a lot! What age should a child be potty trained? Is there a magic age? With almost 15 years of potty training experience, I can definitely help you out! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you want to potty train your child at one, I’m going to tell […]

Rainbow Discovery Bottle

Rainbow Discovery Bottle - Preschool Inspirations-5

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make a rainbow discovery bottle — a liquid one that won’t run all together right away? I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect one for a long time, and I finally figured out a way to make one! It’s not quite liquid, but […]