Magnetic Discovery Bottles

I love it when I find a new sensory bottle to tantalize my preschoolers. My two newest discovery bottles are magnetic, and my class is over the moon for them! They are a cinch to make, and they are absolutely entertaining for older kids and safe for toddlers as well.

I’ve made magnetic sensory bottles in the past, but the magnetic attraction wasn’t as strong as I would like. So I came up with some extra powerful magnetic discovery bottles.

Here’s the first one.

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Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-5

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-8

I just love how the chips flow and gently glide through the bottle with the help of a magnetic wand!

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-13

Here’s what you need:

I used my entire pack of magnetic chips from the Super Magnet Kit Lab, so there are about 100 chips in my bottle. If you are just looking for the chips, you can find them here from Discount School Supply. I’ve probably misplaced a few along the way, so maybe not quite 100, but close! Add as much water as desired, then super glue or hot glue the lid on for little ones who could choke on the magnet chips. For my preschoolers I don’t glue the lid shut, and we empty the bottle out each weekend to preserve the life of the magnets.

Here’s how magnetic chips work without any water:

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-11

Now here’s how much stronger the magnetic attraction is between the magnet wand and magnetic chips with the water:

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-12

Since magnetic chips are lightweight, they are the perfect magnet to go inside the sensory bottle! I’m sure these would look awesome with some glitter mixed in or on a light table too!

We air dry our magnetic chips every weekend to prolong their life and prevent rust.

Update: We have now found a way to make a long term, rust resistant magnetic discover bottle. You can read it about it here.

Rust Resistant Magnetic Discovery Bottle - Preschool Inspirations

Now for the second discovery bottle. I like to think of it as a bottle of swirly, whirly, striped goodness!

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-9

Just make the bottle with the directions from above and swap out the magnetic chips. For this discovery bottle, I added some chenille stems also known as pipe cleaners. I curled them around a pencil and cut them in half or in thirds. Don’t you love the stripes? This is my ultimate favorite pattern on pipe cleaners! I bought these at Discount School Supply simply by searching “striped pipe cleaner.”

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations

This one was so much fun to play with too! When we experimented without water, they hardly even budged at this size. I love how the water makes this so magic and so “floatable.” Yes, I definitely just made that word up.

Magnetic Discovery Bottles ~ Preschool Inspirations-10

The chenille stems do become rusty, so this is more of a short term discovery bottle. We had a blast though, and it’s so easy to make that it is definitely worth trying.


. Magnetic Discovery Bottles by Preschool Inspirations

Here are some more great sensory bottles:
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Alphabet Discovery Bottle by Preschool Inspirations-7

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    • says

      Thank you, Asia!!! They seriously are so mesmerizing and addicting :). I look forward to seeing them on your awesome facebook page soon!

  1. Ashley says

    I saw that you have a link to put letters in a sensory discocery bottle as well. I would think those would work as a magnetic discovery bottle as well if yoy got the refrigerator letters. I don’t have any experiance with the particular magnetic wand you are using but I would assume and currently my boys (2 & 3) love anything thats magnetic letters and goes in water so itd be perfect. These are wonderful.
    Thank you so much for everything you share Im using it at home and Ive started a binder to brainstorm off of your ideas once I complete school.

    • Katie says

      Thank you, Samantha! There definitely is a solution to the rust!! I plan on posting it next week, and I’ll link to it in this post as well :).


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