Tactile Name Writing Practice

One of the skills that excites me the most about the preschool years is teaching them to write their names — a foundation they will use for the rest of their lives! This tactile name writing practice book is super simple to make, and you will find it to be a very helpful tool for teaching children to write their names!

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In my quest to find the best and most effective ways to help my students write their names, I have learned that tactile activities are the most effective.

When I say “tactile activities,” I am referring to things such as sandpaper letters, sand trays, writing in shaving cream, etc. These are all ways that our sense of touch teams up with our brains.

When we make an activity tactile, we are helping a child’s brain better understand and retrieve information. Letter formation is tricky, so I love finding more and more ideas to make this less work and frustration. After all, my philosophy is that learning should be fun and exciting!

Recommended Resource: Montessori letter formation book

Tactile Name Writing Book

Here is our tactile name book. I used glitter glue to write the letters on blank 3″X5″ cards (or card stock could be used), then hole punched the corner and added a binder ring to make it a flip book.

Tactile Name Writing Activity-6

Each page I leave out a letter and replace it with an underline. This way they can practice the letter that is missing, without the glitter glue, and then they trace the rest of the letters.

Tactile Name Writing Activity-5

Tactile Name Writing Activity-4

This activity should be self-paced and allow the child to decide when they are ready for the next page. Eventually, they should be writing their name on the last page, which won’t have any of the letters.

Tactile Name Writing Activity-2

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We adore this Montessori letter formation book!

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Make a sensory name book to help children learn to write with their sense of touch! This tactile name writing book is the perfect way to teach a child to learn to write his or her name.

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  1. Ryan Williams says

    Practicing these type of activities with the kids is good as here they can actually feel their name. Moreover, they can learn many new words.

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