Color Mixing Sensory Bottle

Whenever I need to whip up a quick activity, color mixing is one of my top picks! Color mixing activities are always exciting and a perfect learning opportunity. Today I have a color mixing sensory bottle with three easy ingredients! This color mixing sensory bottle is part of my Discovery Bottles Blog Hop, and this month the theme is Valentine’s Day. And while this is perfect for Valentine’s Day, you can use it any time of the year too!

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations-2

Be sure to check out the other fabulous discovery and sensory bottles at the end of this post after this one.

Making a new color is a magical experience for a young child, and this color mixing sensory bottle also has tons of bubbles. After we made this discovery bottle, we all stared at it for a long time. I’ll be sure to post a video of it on my Instagram account this week so you can see how fun it is.

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle Science by Preschool Inspirations

The bottle has red water on the bottom and clear oil on the top half. When you shake it, then our new color shows itself!
I love making pink! And the bubbles are absolutely amazing to watch as they pop! This could definitely be used as a calm down jar too.

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations-10

Here is how you can make your own.


I found all of the materials at my local grocery store except for the liquid watercolor. The mineral oil is about $2, and some dollar stores carry it too. I have never seen liquid watercolor in stores, so that’s something that you would have to get online.

As for the water bottle, VOSS water is at my local grocery store, but it’s not everywhere. You can easily substitute any type of bottle. My favorite bottles have sleek sides.

Color Mixing Sensory Bottle Process

After I made our color mixing discovery bottle, I asked my kids if they could make it change color. I told them that they couldn’t open it or add anything to it. They had to make it change color just the way it was. It only took them a few seconds before they realized that shaking it would turn it pink. And what a perfect experience to always help them remember that red and white become pink when mixed.

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